The Symbolism of Ophelia

This is a project pure from the heart

written by: Josefien Goethals | 14-10-2020

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A Setting with a Universal Meaning

MiFleur and Lux Visual Storytellers did not lose heart, and we chose to be creative in times of COVID-19. It was a must. In our high season, there was little work, so we put our heads together and brought this styled shoot to life. We chose to create a setting that has a universal meaning. Especially since we are all facing this pandemic together.




Water is a strong element, one that can bind us and divide us as well. The water lily embodies the process of feeling emotions.

“The plant stands with its roots in the mud. From there the stem grows into a beautiful flower, the insight.”

This is a quote from The Belgium writer, Fleur van Groningen. This reminds us we need “insight”.



Three Color Themes

We chose to work in three color themes. I created a monochrome lush X-shaped bridal bouquet. The blueish bridal bouquet is an airy, vivid bouquet with indigo and “Delft Blauw”. The delphinium feels like a fish (or is it a dolphin) in the water. The water lily leaves were picked from the pond in the early morning, so they were fresh and shiny. The contrast with the red hair of the model is fantastic!



The Symbolic Lotus Flower

The astonishing mood that the photos display, is what we were aiming for. The combination of color, texture, light, and water. We will rise from this… Like the beautiful symbolic meaning of the lotus flower. Even when going through a very dark phase, a beautiful flower will grow. This is a project pure from the heart!


Josefien Goethals

Founder at MiFleur, Creative Director & Designer at Guerill

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