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How to Become a Flower Farmer
In this episode of the Team Flower Podcast, the hosts are chatting with Niki Irving of Flourish Flower Farm. Niki is sharing about how they have adapted a cattle farm to fit their needs for a flower farm and is giving the listener a sneak peek into some of the hardships that come with being a grower. Whether you’re a dreaming flower farmer trying to get started, or a seasoned farmer with questions about soil amending and expanding, the Team Flower Podcast has got great nuggets for you right here.
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Thursd. is interested to know how you deal with the current Covid-19 situation and how it affects you and your business.Thursd. dedicates its stories to the global effect of the virus in the floriculture sector. This means that coming weeks Thursd. will share the insights and in-depth stories of florists, growers, traders, breeders and other people who are related to the industry. Worldwide.In order to create a realistic - and international - representation from a personal and business perspective, your story can be of interest too.Do you think your voice counts in the industry?Tell us for example about the direct effects on your business, your newly found collaborations, changed communication lines and workflow and interesting initiatives in your country.Thank you for your time!
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