Gorgeous Helleborus and Anthurium

The season of mellow fruitfulness

written by: Solomon Leong | 14-10-2020

Helleborus and Anthurium by Solomon Leong - on Thursd. - Header

Gorgeous Helleborus and Anthurium

“The season of mellow fruitfulness”. That’s that thought when I received these gorgeous helleborus and anthurium. An image of a semi ripened pear came to mind immediately. I wanted to create something simple, honest, and direct. Something that warms our hearts and souls.

The Perfect Candidates for an Autumnal Design

The champagne coloration of the anthurium matches extremely well with anything that has a tinge of orange it brown, making it the perfect candidate for an autumnal design. The green helleborus are long-lasting and remind us of winter, little gems to have in any bouquets.


Helleborus and Anthurium by Solomon Leong on Thursd 01


Special thanks to Decorum grower Fiore for sending me the helleborus Magnificent Bells, and anthurium Pistache.


Helleborus and Anthurium by Solomon Leong on Thursd 03




Coming Christmas we will include helleborus and anthuriums into our weekly Omakase Flower Menu also!

‘Omakase’ means chef’s recommendation in Japanese cuisine and it involves a whole dining experience revolving around seasonal ingredients and the artful combination of the chef. Inspired by this concept of a well organized and curated storyline we ventured out and created our own floral Omakase.


Helleborus and Anthurium by Solomon Leong on Thursd 01


Every week we will create a flower menu featuring seasonal flowers, filler flowers, branches, and foliage to a specific design, highlighting what is the best to use in that period of time. A tutorial on how to arrange and create with the flowers is provided to those subscribed. So stay tuned for The Omakase Flower Menu with anthurium and helleborus.

Solomon Leong

Influenced by the English garden style and the European flower arranging ethos, the work of the Hong Kong based floral designer Dr. Solomon Leong have been described as ‘extraordinary’ and ’striking’ by international media such as the BBC.

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