Designing in Scorched Tones

The earth’s gifts give me energy and push me to create

written by: Holly Chapple | 27-11-2020

Holly Heider Chapple - Scorched Earth - Blog on Thursd (1)

A Dagger to My Heart

The request for a design in scorched tones came just as my garden was waning. The word scorched felt like a dagger to my heart as that is exactly what happens as fall approaches; my bounty is scorched and lost in the field.


Holly Chapple designing in golden yellow - Scorched Earth - Blog on Thursd (4)




holly chapple fireplace in scorched tones


Muddy Mustard Tones are My Absolute Favorite

The loss of the dahlias, zinnia, nasturtiums, snapdragons, celosia, and unique vines is nearly unbearable to me. The earth’s gifts give me energy and push me to create. The deep muddy mustard tones are my absolute favorite, and I love to use them to bridge a wide range of scorched tones.



Working With Scorched Tones

I had the pleasure of producing some pieces that featured the Alexandra Farms garden roses in the scorched tones. The designs feature Quicksand roses, Westminster Abbey roses, Sahara Sensation roses, Caramel Antike garden roses, and Golden Mustard roses. To gradually and gently transition the roses’ tones, I used dried and dyed material, which in itself perfectly picks up the tones of scorched.



Foundational Trendy Colors

I enhanced hydrangea with a tint of mustard paint. The grey smoke lavender tone of the poppy pods connected to the Westminister Abbey roses, the Stuartiana Eucalyptus ranges in tones of gold to silver grey and helped to connect the yellows with the dusty smoke tones. The Schuberti allium flowers of spring are dried and revitalized and used again as the growing season ends. The scorched tones are the foundational trendy colors we see in fashion, interior design, and wedding work in the United States


Holly Chapple - close-up - Alexandra Farms - Scorched Tones - Blog on Thursd (5)


Holly Chapple designing in golden yellow - Scorched Earth - Blog on Thursd (5)
Pictures by Holly Chapple

Holly Chapple

Flowers have been a constant part of Holly’s life since she was a child, literally growing up in a greenhouse! As a newlywed and young woman, Holly decided to take her inherited love, knowledge, and passion for flowers and grow a business. From those seeds planted fifteen years ago "Holly Heider Chapple Flowers LTD." became one of the most sought after and well-loved designers in the area.

Holly’s peers consider her to be one of the most talented floral designers available in the metro area commenting that "When you see a Holly Chapple flower design you know it is a Holly Heider Chapple flower creation". Each centerpiece, bouquet, and design has been lovingly scrutinized, touched, fluffed, and passed by Holly’s very high standards.

There is no arrangement that leaves her studio that has not been evaluated multiple times, ensuring complete flower perfection!

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