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“For as long as I can remember I have loved flowers”, says Neill Strain. From the bunch of tulips hastily snatched from the neighbour’s garden for my mum after school, to the ambitious and grandiose rose and lily laden projects I embarked upon for my first love, I’ve always been infatuated.  I have pursued my passion across the world, studying it to the highest international levels. And in return it’s won me awards and accolades, compliments and kisses. I have used flowers to mark the big events in so many people’s lives, births and christenings, courtship and marriage, love and loss. To create living art and evoke emotions in people’s lives is an extraordinary way to make a living.  I wouldn’t change what I do for anything else. I believe in sourcing the very finest flowers for my clients and I regularly visit the growers in Holland to discover rare, new and exceptionally beautiful varieties.  I bring them back to Belgravia and work with them to create our seasonal bouquets and arrangements for display at the boutique and our Harrods concession – or I style them into fabulous designs for my clients’ exquisite interiors.  To have access to these extraordinary flowers, knowing the passion with which they are created, is inspirational; and that they majestically enhance the elegance of my clients’ homes is hugely gratifying for me and the growers.  It is such a privilege to work in a world of passion and beauty…

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