Why You Should Get Your Pot Asters Now

A cheerful note in the autumn, especially on your balcony or terrace

written by: Floritec | 30-08-2021

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The pot aster is often seen as a garden plant. But it is also very well suited as a house or patio plant. It provides a cheerful note in the autumn, especially on the balcony or terrace. Asters are known for their long flowering time, even when for most flowering plants the season has ended. A perfect reason to get them now.

Rich Bloomers

These rich bloomers are nice and colorful due to the number of flowers on the plant. Available in white and in beautiful pastel shades such as pink, lilac, purple and blue.



The Floritec Range

The Floritec range of pot asters includes a nice selection of double-flowered varieties, which are available under the Astella series.

In addition, there is an extensive range of single-flowered varieties that are traded under the series name Starletta. This Starletta line has lovely star-shaped flowers with a yellow heart. They are therefore very attractive to butterflies, bumblebees, and bees, providing extra liveliness in your garden. Since many other flowering plants have already stopped blooming towards autumn, less nectar is available for these friendly pollinators. Asters are therefore a welcome addition to any balcony or terrace.



Aster’s Origin

Originally, asters come from North America. There are as many as 180 species in the wild. They belong to the composite family (Asteraceae). They like a sunny and semi-shaded place. Keep the soil slightly moist. Then you will enjoy the pot aster for a long time. The Floritec varieties are bred for durability and resilience. As a result, they stand longer than average.


Perfect Reasons to Get Your Pot Asters Now - Astella Pink Deco


Where to Get Your Pot Asters

Pot asters from breeder Floritec are truly exceptional because they are already gorgeous and ready for the market after one reaping. This is a major advantage for growers. Add to this the approach that Floritec breeds their pot asters with a focus on their lifespan, then you know that you buy beauty AND quality in one.

Pot asters are available from mid-March to early October via quality growers LV Plant, OK Plant, and Handelskwekerij Gebr. Grootscholten. In addition, plant nursery Valstar has currently a number of trial varieties. In the next season, Valstar will take over the whole pot aster production from LV Plant.

Perfect Reasons to Get Your Pot Asters Now - Aster Mix



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