The Pot Celosia Season Is In Full Swing

Carefree summerly enjoyment

written by: Floritec | 07-07-2021

The Pot Celosia Season Is in Full Swing - header

In this year’s Flower Trials, the Floritec trial location in Monster was the home to a beautiful selection of pot celosias. There were already established varieties to admire but of course also beautiful novelties and experimental eye-catchers. Due to corona restrictions, physical visits were permitted only on a small scale, and since not the whole world could come that easily, Floritec now comes to the world to present its three stunning lines of pot celosia digitally.

The Pot Celosia Specialist

As a specialist in breeding pot celosias from cuttings, Floritec now has no fewer than three extensive series available. All of top-quality and with a wide range of colors, shapes, and applications. Suitable for both indoor, as well as outdoor use. All top market segment quality and ready to bring summer joy to many consumers!


The Pot Celosia Season Is in Full Swing


Celosia Twisted – Uniquely Shaped

The successful Celosia Twisted series consists of a balanced color mix. The strong colors and distinct flower shapes are a true feast for the eye. Thanks to special breeding, the Twisted series has very strong plant properties. Twisted is robust and therefore requires very little care.


The Pot Celosia Season Is in Full Swing - Celosia Twisted
Celosia Twisted


Celosia Floriosa – Longlasting Beauty

Just like Twisted and Intenz, the Floriosa series is bred from cuttings and therefore an amazing high-quality and uniform product. Available in several stunning colors. She shines with her flaming torches. From March as a cheerful indoor spring bloomer and from May as a rewarding outdoor product in pots on a balcony or garden.


The Pot Celosia Season Is in Full Swing - Celosia Floriosa
Celosia Floriosa


Celosia Intenz – Colorful Powerhouse

Celosia Intenz is a hit both indoors and outdoors. Very compact and well-branched. The proven weather resistance ensures a high ornamental value up till into the autumn. Intenz also scores high in terms of sustainability: the certified cultivation is very sustainable. For the consumer, it is carefree enjoyment!


The Pot Celosia Season Is in Full Swing - Celosia Intenz
Celosia Intenz


More Information

For more information about these celosia varieties, contact Floritec.

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