The Overwhelming New Rose Barista®

An instant feeling of coziness and happiness

written by: Thursd. | 05-11-2020

The Overwhelming New Rose Barista

Novelty by Rosen Tantau

Renowned German rose breeder Rosen Tantau has outdone themselves once more with an overwhelming novelty. Rose Barista® gives you the sensation and joy of a good cup of coffee.


The Overwhelming New Rose Barista


Feel at Home and Happy

Coffee restaurants have become our second living rooms. We enjoy meeting with friends, colleagues, to work or study in a cozy, yet lively environment. This is the atmosphere in which the barista plays an important role. It’s his or her job to prepare the perfect coffee to make us feel at home and happy.

Although ‘barista’ is originally just the Italian word for bartender, it has become a real honorous title over the past decades as more and more people started to discover the huge amount of variations in coffee. Baristas are the ‘sommeliers’ of coffee, so their esteem is growing exponentially.



Mauve Turning to Latte Macchiato

Rose Barista® instantly gives you the same feeling of coziness and happiness. The mauve outside turning to a latte macchiato color in the center makes you look, and look again. This is the rose I want in my living room, my first AND second living room. And don’t forget all those autumn weddings, a popular phenomenon these days! Mauve and latte macchiato shades fit perfectly in the autumn colors that we are turning to right now. You WILL be seen when carrying Barista® in wedding decorations.

German breeder Rosen Tantau has licensed the Rose Barista® to growers around the world already. Expect a stem length of 60-80cms. Check out the availability with your rose supplier.


The Overwhelming New Rose Barista

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