Ten Classics by My Peony Society

Some varieties are more than a hundred years old, but still hip & happening

written by: My Peony Society | 01-06-2021

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Growers are always on the lookout for peonies that are just a little bit different. That’s great, but let’s not forget our classics. Some peony varieties are more than a hundred years old and still hip & happening. Cherish the classics!

10 All-time Favorites

These are 10 classics of the vast range of splendid peonies that are grown by My Peony Society. These amazing plants come in hundreds of shapes, sizes, and colors, each with a distinct character and mood. Each of these 10 has been famous and popular for a long time already. Enjoy this selection and go out there get them. They’re here again, finally!


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Peony Bowl of Cream

A true favorite
Bowl of Cream is one of our personal favorites. When we first saw this thick, beautifully white peony years ago, we were swept off our feet. Since then, many new white peonies have appeared on the market, but in our opinion Bowl of Cream is still one of the very best.


Ten Classic Peonies by My Peony Society 01 Peony Bowl of Cream
Peony Bowl of Cream


Peony Command Performance

Peek into the future
Take a peek into the future of peonies with Command Performance. This modern peony variety has 20 cm wide flowers that change in color every day and has a vase life of a whopping two weeks.


Ten Classic Peonies by My Peony Society 11 Peony Command Performance
Peony Command Performance


Peony Dr. Alexander Fleming

Intense pink
Think classic pink Sarah Bernhardt, then two shades darker. This is Dr. Alexander Fleming, the result of a crossing between Sarah Bernhardt and Bunker Hill in 1950. We owe this full-petalled peony to a Dutch breeder called Blonk. Dr. Alexander Fleming has become a true classic, and its sweet floral scent has certainly contributed to this. Tip: combine the two classics Sarah Bernhardt and Dr. Alexander Fleming in a bouquet for a wow effect!


Ten Classic Peonies by My Peony Society 21 Peony Dr Aexander Fleming
Peony Dr. Alexander Fleming


Peony Duchesse de Nemours

Enduringly popular, and snow white
Have you seen a bright white peony? Chances are it’s Duchesse de Nemours. This peony variety was discovered in 1856 by the French breeder Calot. Who could have imagined then that Duchesse de Nemours would still be popular many years later? This peony owes its popularity to its snow-white color – perfect for wedding bouquets! The full-petaled double flowers also diffuse such an intense, pleasant fragrance that you want to put them in a vase right away. They are wonderful next to your bed or in your home office. The scents of Duchesse peonies remain overwhelming.


Ten Classic Peonies by My Peony Society 31 Peony Duchesse de Nemours
Peony Duchesse de Nemours


Peony Elsa Sass

The flower buds of paeonia Elsa Sass, the last blooming white peony, are an unforgettable sight; the buttons are bright white and have a diameter of more than 50 mm.


Ten Classic Peonies by My Peony Society 41 Peony Elsa Sass
Peony Elsa Sass


Peony Red Charm

Red favorite
Paeonia Red Charm is undoubtedly the best known and most popular red peony available. Also, it’s one of the earliest available double-flowered varieties of the season. We love the round flowers because they have a perfect shape and can grow to be as large as 22 cm. Compared to other varieties the vase life of about a week may seem somewhat short. On the other hand, it also gives this peony a certain uniqueness and…charm. Short-lived, but powerful: that’s paeonia Red Charm!


Ten Classic Peonies by My Peony Society 51 Peony Red Charm
Peony Red Charm


Peony Sarah Bernhardt

The most famous peony, classic pink
Everyone knows this pink peony. Sarah Bernhardt is by far the most popular peony. This full pink peony was discovered in 1906 by the French breeder Lemoine, who named it after a famous French actress. With Sarah Bernhardt, it is extra important to buy flowers at the right maturity (when the top petal is already gently detaching from the soft flower buds). Then they will give you pleasure for a long time.


Ten Classic Peonies by My Peony Society 61 Peony Sarah Bernhardt
Peony Sarah Bernhardt


Peony Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple is a celebrity with a worldwide fanbase. A real favorite on the Dutch market, where it regularly can be found in lists of the top ten most traded peonies.


Ten Classic Peonies by My Peony Society 71 Peony Shirley Temple
Peony Shirley Temple


Peony Sweet Sixteen

Enchanting color
What is it that makes flowers like Sweet Avalanche and Cloni Hanoi so popular? If you ask us, it must be that beautiful pale pink color of the petals. Paeonia Sweet Sixteen has that same enchanting color. This peony variety will do very fine at parties, weddings, and baby showers; Sweet Sixteen is guaranteed to put you in a summery mood!


Ten Classic Peonies by My Peony Society 81 Peony Sweet Sixteen
Peony Sweet Sixteen


Peony The Fawn

Fiery peony
Paeonia The Fawn is hot! Not only because of its intense pink color and the many dots on its petals but also because – of all pale pink full-petalled peonies – it has the most features in common with Sarah Bernhardt. In our opinion, though, The Fawn is even more beautiful! The fiery red stems are thicker, the leaves are darker and stronger and the color is even brighter. Moreover, the flowers, when still in the bud stage, are a bit bigger.


Ten Classic Peonies by My Peony Society 91 Peony The Fawn
Peony The Fawn


Can’t get enough?

Is this it? No way, there are so many more peony varieties by My Peony Society – some more classic than others – that all deserve your attention. As modest as they may be when you buy them still closed, as exuberant they will get once they are free to bloom in your vase! Check the current assortment here.

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