The beautiful summer flower Delphinium

Summer Flower Stories

video by: The Flower Family | 29-07-2020

Summerflowers video header - Delphinium - the story of the delphinium - on thursd

Beautiful Flowers That Bloom All Summer


Henk van den Berg, the initiator of Summerflowers.nl, talks about the 3 main sorts of the delphinium flower. This video is in collaboration with The Flower Family, who help Henk share the stories of the summer flowers in his portfolio.


summerflowers-story of the delphinium-henk-van-den-berg-on thursd
Henk van den Berg


Summerflowers.nl is a platform that informs and inspires its readers about all things seasonal flowers. To start with, the delphinium takes the stage in this first video of this informative sequence.


With its Latin name ‘Larkspur’, you learn more about the different delphinium sorts, its origin and subsequently some interesting floral insights. Let Henk share his story about the three groups of delphiniums; the perennials delphinium Elatum and Delphinium Belladonna and the most common delphinium which is grown from seed.


Summer Flower Delphinium




The flower family - summer flower stories - the delphinium - on thursd

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