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Waterdrinker is striving to create a happy and healthy living environment using flowers and plants. We want to transmit our enthusiasm for plants and flowers into the hearts of consumers. Our strategy, which is to exceed customer expectations at all times, both in relation to our products as well as our services and partnerships, is in keeping with this. Waterdrinker’s strength lies in its vast range, including a large number of innovations, and exclusive and unique products.

The roots of Waterdrinker are on the market in Zaandam, a city under the smoke of Amsterdam. This is the place where founder and name giver Jaap Waterdrinker started to trade in flowers and plants. As a market trader, he regularly purchased so many flowers and plants that he stored the trade in his houseboat and his family literally slept among the greenery. That was no longer possible and so Jaap started a flower shop.

This flower shop grew into a plant wholesaler in Aalsmeer, the heart of the flower and plant world. “Ome” Jaap had a nose for special products and also dared to take risks. Waterdrinker is still known for its guts and innovative character. This is one of the reasons why our company has grown at a record pace from the local plant trader to one of the largest worldwide exporters and wholesalers of flowers, house and garden plants and accessories.

At the beginning of 2018 we opened the Waterdrinker Green Trade Center (GTC): the largest green purchasing center in Europe with no less than 25,000 m² of flowers, plants and accessories. A place that will make you happy! As a forerunner in the industry, the GTC can rightfully be called a showroom for the floriculture sector.

Let’s keep on growing!

Our mission is to make flowers and plants accessible to everyone.

Our vision
We are working to create a happy and healthy living environment using flowers and plants. Our aim is that more and more people will begin to realise the importance of greenery in their environment. We are constantly working together to find partnerships that will contribute to this.

Everything we do, as a company, is inextricably related to and fed by our four values:
We Care, We Innovate, We Connect and We Inspire.

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