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Pacific Coast Floral Wholesale

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Pacific Coast Floral Wholesale

About Pacific Coast Floral Wholesale

Pacific Coast Floral Wholesale Ltd. is a privately held fresh cut flower wholesaler serving Western Canada. We ship flowers weekly from our Burnaby location to flower shops and other flower oriented businesses in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon and the North West Territories.

Pacific Coast Floral Wholesale works closely with other floral importers and wholesalers so that we may provide you with an excellent selection of fresh cut flowers and greens every week of the year. Our facility is located next to the United Flower Growers Coop, North America’s largest cut flower and plant auction, which gives us access to all of the lower mainlands cut flower growers.

At Geelong Flower Farm we stock everything that any florist or flower enthusiast needs. We have all the essentials including floristry tape, wire, rose strippers, gloves, clippers and much more. We also stock a huge range of Oasis foam products which include blocks, spheres, wreaths, cages and much more.

Our modern facility is equipped with large coolers to keep your orders at their optimal temperature during the order pulling process. All orders are pre-cooled prior to shipping which helps to prolong the vase life of the flowers.

Our pricing information is updated weekly. Orders are shipped, or available for pick up, the following Monday/Tuesday for arrival at most destinations on Tuesday/Wednesday. No matter where you are located in the area that we service, we can find a transportation solution that works for you.

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