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Landgoed Plant has been around for more than 40 years. Started at the Dappermarkt and the Ten Kate market in Amsterdam. Later, the large annual markets throughout the Netherlands replaced it. And since 2008 we can also be found in large markets in Germany, including the Fischmarkt in Düsseldorf and Cologne.

At Landgoed Plant quality is our top priority. Every day our team does their utmost to ensure that our plants are having a good time and that they are reaching you “happy”.

The plants are selected with care, piece by piece, by hand and do not just pass the inspection. Only the most beautiful and fullest plants are selected, and if they are not yet large or beautiful enough, they may continue to grow until they are approved.

After that, we hoard ourselves in the pots that we have designed ourselves.
So home made.
Only when we are completely satisfied can they go to the market.
It is the love we give them that makes them shine.
You just see that!
Because we want you to be happy when you see them on your windowsill.

If you like beautiful plants, then you like estate plants.
With us you can let your imagination run free.
You can choose the most beautiful plants yourself so that your terrace is completely to your liking.
We put them next to each other to see how things are.
And you immediately get a picture of pleasant summer evenings and you almost smell the bbq.
Let the summer begin!

You can also indulge yourself and enjoy the interior.
We have something for every living style.
Whether it is rural, cool or romantic.
And often a single plant already has so much influence on the atmosphere in the home or office.
A little green can do so much.
Give it a try.
With the help of our stylists we make creations time and again, with which you are able to breathe new life into your old interior in no time.

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