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With our flowers you take a moment to reflect on life, surprise your friends, celebrate milestones, and make your wedding unforgettable. At Hamifleurs, every day we realize how important these life events are. And how extraordinarily beautiful the story is that you create during these events. With over 10,000 varieties of top quality flowers, we do our utmost to make these moments even more special. We always deliver on time and are happy to think along with you when extra customized work or inspiration is required. Because even though we are not personally present during all those special moments, our flowers complete your story.

Our customers

Our customers, the importing wholesaler, are located all over Europe. Our largest markets are Russia, France, Italy and Great Britain. Our challenge is to deliver the most beautiful, fresh, top-quality flowers to our customers on time every day. We give everyone in the chain a lot of personal attention. From growers and employees to importing wholesalers and florists; this way we know for sure that the flowers we deliver make the many stories even more beautiful. Your story, our flowers.

Our family Dutch Flower Group

Hamifleurs is part of Dutch Flower Group, market leader in the floriculture sector. This is a unique family of 30 specialized trading companies that together serve the entire floriculture chain. Dutch Flower Group actively cooperates in various disciplines to exchange knowledge. We also develop various training and coaching programs in collaboration with Dutch Flower Group.

We care

One of our core values ​​is “We care”. We realize like no other that our colleagues make Hamifleurs a success. Valuation and attention for our colleagues is therefore high on our agenda. We not only stimulate the internal flow of talent.

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