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A community of growers and florists, dedicated to flower the nation. From seed, to stem, to bouquet. We connect growers with florists, and florists with you. Together with our community, Florismart ensures that the flowers you see are made by skilful local florists. Because the best flowers are arranged with love, not in a factory.

An idea that flourishes

Florists are at the center of everything we do. We help you grow your business and support you with our insights and knowledge of the industry. Thanks to our unique digital marketplace, you have access to the products of the best growers and suppliers. Take advantage of our innovative tools that are specially designed to streamline your business and make it more profitable.

We understand the florist profession and the challenges that come with it, because many of us have also been florists themselves. We are now working hard to ensure that you can concentrate on your passion: the art of flower arranging.

We have created a strong, expert community of florists. This way we can help florists all over the world to buy in smarter, manage your company more efficiently and to share new experiences with fellow florists. Growing together is a lot faster.
The smart solution

Florismart gives you access to a large, colorful world of suppliers. We connect you with the grower of your favorite roses. You are just a mouse click away from a worldwide arrangement of suppliers with fresh, exotic and special flowers.

Florismart brings you freedom of choice, product knowledge and expert advice. So that you can offer your customers the right flowers at the right time.

Buy smart. Work smart.
Everything we do and what we stand for comes together in our motto: Buy smart. Work smart. Buy sharper, and run a more efficient company.

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