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FleuraMetz London stands for an unique combination of strong Sales concepts. With our Cash & Carrys, Truck Sales and Direct ordering system we have everything required to be the best partner for the professional florist. Therefore our slogan: Successful together

As of 2011, FleuraMetz London offers in its primary markets one or more of these concepts. In its designated markets FleuraMetz wants to offer all of the relevant concepts so that a florist has no reason to buy from a competitor.

In markets defined not as primary, FleuraMetz can chose to supply a florist indirectly by way of traditional wholesale.

In contrast to a holding structure with independent companies or business units, FleuraMetz wants to be an integrated (centralized) organization with functional and geographic divisions. The route to an integrated organization is complex and will consume significant management capacity and financial resources, but ultimately offers the best possibilities to achieve economies of scale in the areas of purchasing, logistics, finance, marketing and HR.

Depending on the regional culture, the type of florist, cyclicality and their specific buying needs, a florist will select a sales concept. The most utilized concepts are Cash & Carry, Trucks Sales and Direct.

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