Watsonia Transvaalensis



Watsonia Transvaalensis

Watsonia Transvaalensis - Outdoor Flowering Plant On Thursd Featured

Watsonia Transvaalensis


Watsonia Transvaalensis has a depressed globose corm, growing on several generations of old corms, which have a rather sparse fibrous covering. The four leaves are rigid in texture and sword-shaped, the lowest one being the longest and up to 90 cm in length.
The Watsonia are fast-growing, hardy plants. When whole fields come into bloom in the summer, the flowers create a spectacular image. The plant gets its name from Sir William Watson, an 18th-century British botanist. The flowers vary in shape and color. The petals are sometimes pointed and are near-white, pale pink, old rose, salmon, and terracotta in colour, each with a central dark pink line. The flowering time of this plant is from October to November.

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