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The Pernettya is one of the loveliest berry shrubs. Superb for the garden, whether directly in the soil or in a beautiful vase. The Pernettya is available in various colors, which are fun to combine, just let nature get on with it… To be assured of a harvest of colorful berries, ensure you plant a number of male plants in the vicinity of the fruit-bearing female plants. One male plant can pollinate up to thirty female plants. The male plants can just be tucked away in a corner, some meters from the female plants. The wind and the bees will do the rest. The color of the flower is no indicator of the color of the berries. All plants, even the male ones, have the same white flowers, only the female ones carry a pistil and the male ones only stamens. Once the flowers are pollinated, they will develop to become beautifully colored berries in summer.

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