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Hydrangea Hy-pe Avantgarde

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Hydrangea Hy-pe Avantgarde

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It can be kept indoors, but it can also be an outdoor, container, or terrace plant. The color of Hydrangea Avantgarde flowers changes from white to pink (or blue) to green, and at the end of the flowering period, they turn red. Avantgarde can flower independently of the season of the year: if the flower is removed at the end of the flowering period, new flowers will have formed in 4 months’ time. Avantgarde produces new flowers after 4 months because it is a Hydrangea that does not require a cold trigger. It’s a unique characteristic in the Hydrangea family!

Did you know that all Hydrangeas have a magical effect? They can purify the air. When there is one or more Hydrangeas in your indoor environment, the humidity of the air improves. Better humidity corresponds to fewer headaches, more energy and improved concentration. All these benefits mean you can enjoy Avantgarde or another pearl from the Hy-pe collection even more.

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