Aster Showmakers® Indigo Ice



Aster Showmakers® Indigo Ice

Aster Showmakers Indigo Plant on Thursd

Aster Showmakers® Indigo Ice


Aster Showmakers® Indigo Ice is the indigo-colored variety in the Aster Showmakers series.

With a name like ‘Showmakers’®, you’d better have something to show for it. If you ask us, this double-flowered aster series really steals the show. No wonder there’s a peacock on its logo. Its packed-with-petals flowers in blues and violets make it a real eye-catcher. On its own in a large pot for the terrace or in combination with other plants.

The ‘Showmakers’® is a real diva. With the proper attention and care, we can guarantee you a plant with a beautiful, long-lasting flower display: a plant that meets the high standards for quality that we at Royal Van Zanten set for our products.

Showmakers® Aster Care Tips:
• They like a place in the sun with a little shade now and then. In a really sunny position, however, they will need a bit more water than when placed in the shade. So, in this case, water them regularly.
• It’s important to avoid that water remains in the pot, since they really dislike having ‘wet feet’.
• If you want to enjoy your plant even longer and see even more flowers appear, remove faded flowers on a regular basis.

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