Statice Super Purple



Statice Super Purple


Statice Super Purple


This exotic flower is one of the most widely used dried flowers. Statice comes in white, lavender and pink color and blooms in spring and summer. Some species of Statice have an offensive smell.

Up close, the flowers look like they are made of delicate, thin paper, but guess again; the Limonium, or Statice, is a super strong flower! Just look at the places these plants grow in the wild. Go to the beach and you are likely to spot them. It goes to show why Statice also listens to the name ‘sea lavender’.

Statice copes really well in tough conditions, salty water and sandy grounds. So, it’s a tough plant and, thanks to breeding and selection, a star as cut flower. Free tip: it is recommended to maintain a low level of water when hydrating. That way, they are less likely to develop botrytis mold.

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Beginning in the 1950’s as the dream of Ernest and Zehava Danziger, our company has grown into a major floriculture producer, with over 500 million cuttings of Danziger varieties planted each year, in more than 60 countries. We continue to dream big, exploring new ways to capture the market’s imagination, while staying true to our family tradition being personally committed to our customers and employees, and doing business with integrity and respect for the environment.

Danziger is proud to be at the forefront of scientific breeding of varieties. We operate one of the industry’s largest R&D departments, with a breeding team numbering over 100 employees, including scientists, professional breeders, and researchers with PhDs, Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from leading academic institutes. We partner closely with the Faculty of Agriculture at Hebrew University and the world renowned Volcani Center of Agricultural Research. Complementing our portfolio with respected genetics from other leading breeders, Danziger manages over 600 elite varieties – with superior genetics and traits – under breeders’ rights, and hundreds of the company’s varieties are registered under Plant Breeding Rights (PBR) and Plant Patents all over the world.


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