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Rose Snowstorm+


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A Force of Nature

SnowStorm+® is a force of nature, packed into a white rose with amazing strength. Outstanding transport qualities, commanding presence, available now for all your powerful arrangements.

This rose offers premium flower power in a white rose with a firm bud (size 4.5 to 5 cms) and an excellent storage life. Its strong petals show no bruising after transport, which is unique and extraordinary for white roses. It is how SnowStorm+ earned its nickname: The Power Rose.

Powerful Presence

A SnowStorm+ arrangement has a powerful presence perfect for weddings, farewells, and other events that need class and muscle with an emotive punch. SnowStorm+ is a force to be reckoned with: pure flower power that will throw its weight around in bouquets and arrangements, no matter how challenging.

SnowStorm+ is created by international top breeder Dümmen Orange and destined to pack a punch in dazzling arrangements all over the world.

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