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Rose Red Naomi!


Rose Red Naomi!


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Most Important Red Rose

Red Naomi!® rose has become by far the most important dutch grown red rose in the high-end red rose segment.

She is the rose with a perfect red color that features a smooth, velvety shade. She is the only red rose with an extremely large flower-head and a subtle scent, so lovely that it will pamper your senses. No other red rose in the market has a better petal count than Red Naomi.

She Has it All

She has it all: Long stems, outstanding transportability, superb vase life. If you are looking for a red rose with an excellent head-size, she has what you need. Her large red, dense and lightly fragrant petals will leave you rosy for over a fortnight. Another benefit of working with Red Naomi roses is that they have relatively few thorns compared with other red roses.

Because of the extremely large flower head, luxurious look & feel and unique perfume Red Naomi roses are popular with celebrities and top floral designers.

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