Rose Princess of Infinity®



Rose Princess of Infinity®

Rose Princess of Infinity® - Cut Flower On Thursd Featured

Rose Princess of Infinity®

Princess of Infinity® is a new rose colored Infinity®.  The rose was named by HRH Crown Princess Mary at the opening of the Odense Flower Festival in 2012.

Princess of Infinity® is highly suitable for indoor use and is characterized by extra-long durability of more than 5 weeks indoors.  It is suitable for planting out in the garden’s pots and beds from May to September.  The plant is winter hardy.

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Roses Forever

Roses Forever is a Danish rose breeding company founded in 1996 and owned by Harley and Rosa Eskelund. The company has in recent years experienced an ever-increasing demand for its new varieties of Roses Forever®. Behind the breeding, with more than 27 years of experience producing pot roses, you find Rosa Eskelund. This company represents the well-known quality brands Roses Forever® and Infinity® mini roses. The new Plant’n’Relax® concept is a series of very beautiful garden roses developed with a focus on health. The line consists of many different varieties, and many are also suited for growing on their own roots. Viking Roses® is the new brand of cut roses with many spectacular flower shapes and strong colors.


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