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Rose Mariatheresia®

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Rose Mariatheresia®

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Of relatively small size, Mariatheresia’s generous petal count and classic form make her a standout among pink roses. Rose Mariatheresia® features a perfectly round shape and opens into a fully quartered and virtually flat rosette. Named for the only female ruler of the Habsburg Empire in the 18th century, this rose is the sister of Baronesse.

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Rosen Tantau

Since its foundation back in 1906, Rosen Tantau has been dedicated to breeding rose varieties, both garden, and greenhouse roses. Over the years this important breeding home has established itself worldwide as an undisputed leader in the hybridization of cut roses varieties. Rosen Tantau has an extensive network of agents and distributors worldwide with the aim of serving and meeting the needs of new varieties of roses for the demanding floriculture market.


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