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Such a darling of a rose only a name like Honey+ will suffice. Honey Avalanche+® is a large pink high quality rose with an elegant appeal and gorgeous petals that offer a surprise.

Honey Avalanche+® has fresh green accents on the outer side of its big bud. It opens with amazing petals that show a deeper pink on the underside and a paler pink on top. This magical difference makes this sweetheart of a rose a warm and lively beauty and an outstanding choice for romantic arrangements. It’s a very warm pink, romantic but also endearing. Perfect to bring something cute to every bouquet.”

The rose that always fully opens

Avalanche+® is a much-awarded Dutch top rose. The rose, created by top hybridizer Dümmen Orange, is very strong, offers an impressive vase life up to 14 days and has a unique feature: its beautiful bud always fully opens. Avalanche+® also has gorgeous herbaceous leaves, stems with surprisingly few thorns and great charisma, it’s a favourite for royal and celebrity weddings. Avalanche+® is year-round available in white and multi-pastels, including the lovely warm Chantilly pink of Honey+.

Honey+ for a soft, sweet summer

The unique shade of pink is very suitable for weddings and Mother’s Day florals. It is also a surprising and exciting element in mixed bouquets for spring and summer. Combined with white Avalanche+® roses the color looks a little more saturated and because there is a hint of blue in the petals this rose is an amazing match with purple and mother-of-pearl accents.

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