Rose Alina Perfumella



Rose Alina Perfumella

Rose Alina Perfumella - Cut Flower On Thursd Featured

Rose Alina Perfumella

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The Rose Alina Perfumella rose is a beautiful, smaller scale, garden rose. She has deep, full, and swirly light peachy petals.

Alina Perfumella has a delicate, light fragrance resembling a candy cane and is ideal for mixed bouquets, floral arrangements, and corsages. The cream peachy to light pink coloring of the blooms makes this a romantic rose with a garden charm.

Alina Perfumella is also available as a spray rose variety.

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Rose Alina Perfumella breeder


Meilland remains a 100% family-owned company. The sixth-generation is already at work.

The House of Meilland has more than 200 employees in France alone and a turnover of € 18 million. Meilland’s research team is dedicated to the creation of rose varieties for cut flowers (fresh flowers) and varieties for garden and landscape. They have a garden roses production company (grafted and cutting) and a mail-order company that sells rosebushes, plants, bulbs, and seeds.

Meilland has five trial stations throughout Europe, with more than 600 employees including 30 agronomists and technicians. 14 hectares greenhouses and 240 hectares field. 20,000 m³ cold storage for storage plants. Meilland has a system to test garden rose varieties and cut flowers (fresh flowers) on every continent and taking into account all types of climates. With agents or partners in more than 62 countries.

Meilland has also nurseries in other parts of the world: France, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United States (California).