Clematis Amazing® Oslo



Clematis Amazing® Oslo

CLEMATIS AMAZING® OSLO featured product on thursd

Clematis Amazing® Oslo

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The flower of the Clematis Amazing® Oslo has an intense, deep blue color. Unique is that part of the bud of this flower has the same blue color. This variety is supplied with a single large flower.


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J. van Zoest Breeder on Thursd

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J. van Zoest

Since 2006, cultivars from us are available as cut flowers. These cut flowers are grown in Africa and brought to the clocks of FloraHolland by Marginpar.

In 2006, Clematis Amazing®™ Blue Pirouette was the first clematis cut flower to be traded at Royal FloraHolland. Clematis Amazing®™ Inspiration followed in 2011 and in 2012 Clematis Amazing®™ Star River was added. For the latter, we received the prestigious Glass Tulip from FloraHolland in 2014. In the spring of 2015, Clematis Amazing®™ London was introduced at Country Living Fair in London and in the same year also Clematis Amazing®™ Geneva and Clematis Amazing®™ Oslo. In early 2016, Amazing®™ Toronto was added to the range.