Vanda Kanchana® Magic Blue



Vanda Kanchana® Magic Blue

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Vanda Kanchana® Magic Blue

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The word Su-Su® is actually a Thai expression. Su-Su is used to encourage somebody in an activity or in a performance. When you say “Su-Su!” to somebody is means: You can do it! Go for it! Keep going! And in Thailand they say Su-Su! while making the “peace sign.”

All Su-Su® plants have been bred by Mr. Thamlong Suphachadiwong, and produced by Suphachadiwong Orchids in Thailand. Suphachadiwong Orchids is one of the leading professional orchid nurseries in Asia. The company has several branches in central and eastern Thailand. Suphachadiwong Orchids has been breeding, selecting, and cultivating plants for more than thirty years. But the company focusses not only on the breeding and production of Vanda plants and flowers.


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