Lisianthus Rosita® Pink



Lisianthus Rosita® Pink

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Lisianthus Rosita® Pink

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Lisianthus Rosita® Pink – The Rose Without Thorns!

Lisianthus Rosita Pink is the standard in double-flowered Lisianthus. With thick petals and strong stems, it is easy to transport the flowers without Botrytis problems. Masses of rose-like flowers and long vase life please consumers.

Lisianthus Rosita Pink appears sweet and soft but has a strong character. The flower stands for appreciation and gratitude. Perfect for a wedding!

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Lisianthus Rosita® Pink breeder

Sakata Ornamentals

Sakata Ornamentals

The Motto of Sakata Ornamentals is: Quality, Reliability, and Service

As an independent breeder of premium bedding plants, pot crops, and cut flowers, of which the famous Lisianthus Rosita® series, Sakata has over one hundred years of experience in developing quality genetics for commercial growers and gardeners.

Earlier innovations, like the world’s first F1 hybrid pansy introduced in 1966, have become industry standards – and their genetics are still to be found in today’s leading series. This history also means that Sakata has the breeding experience and the creativity to create the breakthroughs of today and the classics of tomorrow, such as Candy Showers, the first-ever trailing Antirrhinum from seed.

While consumer satisfaction will always be a critical consideration, Sakata listens to distributors, growers, and retailers so they can deliver products, technical information, and marketing support to meet the needs of the complete market chain. Sakata strives to offer customers a service that is second to none. Their team offers sales, product management, and marketing expertise to help growers grow their business with Sakata products. Ultimately, all that Sakata does reflects its commitment to Quality, Reliability, and Service.

Sakata’s Finest Lisianthus series include lisianthus Rosita®, lisianthus Alissa®, lisianthus Piccolo®, and lisianthus Rosanne®.


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