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Ruscus Racemosa

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Ruscus Racemosa


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Ruscus Racemosa is versatile and very flexible foliage from Italy. Its stems easily reach lengths up to 90 cms. The greens are native to Asia, but brought to Italy about five centuries ago and commercialized at the beginning of the 20th century. Originally, Racemosa is not a ruscus variety, so occasionally this cut green is still referred to as danae Racemosa, related to the lilac family. Another common name of this foliage is Alexandrian Laurel.


Although we consider ruscus Racemosa a year-round product, the actual season for this Italian ruscus starts in June and continues until the following year in about April/May, depending on the weather. In the period from April to June, there is always some scarcity.

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