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Chico Jumbo (chamaedorea elegans) is found in Mexico and Guatemala and is also called Mexican dwarf palm. The palm looks like a bamboo stem, but the leaves give away that it is a palm.
The palm is native to the open forests of Eastern and Central Mexico. In the wild, this palm forms a dense shrub with various shoots.

The tropical climate in Central America is extremely suitable for the cultivation of chico jumbo. It grows in the wild mainly under trees as low undergrowth. Chico jumbo likes moisture and light, although it prefers medium to high humidity and bright indirect light. The chico jumbo is cut into the wild by pickers and then taken to traders who make identical bunches of it


The Mexican dwarf palm is an air-purifying plant and therefore popular as a houseplant in living rooms. It is therefore called the ‘parlor palm’.


Supported by naturally tropical foliage creates a lace-like, romantic atmosphere. Chico jumbo creates an airy effect, resulting in a refined, fragile bouquet. Surprise your customers by creating a series of feminine, delicate bouquets and make a difference.

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