Gerbera Germini



Gerbera Germini

Gerbera pink with white Mooyman on Thursd

Gerbera Germini


The Gerbera a joyful presence in every living room!
The fresh colors and playful shapes complement every interior and every occasion, so you can never go wrong. Around 900 million Gerberas are produced in the Netherlands annually. These come in 600 different varieties, all boasting their own forms, colors and sizes. To describe them as popular would be something of an understatement. Gerberas make the perfect bouquet, particularly when composed in different hues and arranged at different heights. A playful result can also be achieved by placing them mischievously in a series of loose-linked small vases. Decorum grower R. Mooijman cultivates the beautiful large Gerberas and Jac. Oudijk grows the smaller relative: the Germini.

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