Chrysanthemum Capriool



Chrysanthemum Capriool

Chrysanthemum Capriool Product on Thursd

Chrysanthemum Capriool


Chrysanthemum Capriool is characterized by beautiful spider-shaped flowers formed by numerous narrow, long string petals. From the moment the Capriool is delivered, the flower will increasingly unfold its string petals to a diameter of about 10 cm. The fresh soft pink flower is sure to stand out in bouquets. But also as a mono bouquet, the novelty is striking!

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Dekker Chrysanten

The world of floriculture continues to inspire. Certainly for a breeder and propagator like Dekker Chrysanten. In more than half a century we have turned that inspiration into new varieties, new flower shapes, new colors. This makes us one of the players worldwide who determine the future of the chrysanthemum sector.

For the family business that Dekker still is, innovation has always been our driving force. We have demonstrated on many fronts that innovation in the chrysanthemum sector is a continuous process. And not only in breeding and propagation, but also with important market introductions such as with the Santinity types, the Madiba types, or a ‘classic’ such as the Kennedy spray chrysanthemum.

We have also taken major, pioneering steps in cultivation technology. We are pushing boundaries in the areas of energy, water, and nutrition. We are taking new paths with process automation. Thinking in new possibilities is what makes Dekker, Dekker.

With 1200 employees, we also have the power to play a significant role. With that we cover the entire process from new crossing to ready-for-sale product. We investigate, breed, propagate, trade, grow and market. We have our own laboratory, test locations, breeding and breeding companies.

With branches in the Netherlands, Tanzania, Colombia, and South Africa, we are able to respond to the needs of growers worldwide. Especially from growers who recognize that the future of floriculture lies in innovation. We like to give color to that renewal. The color of “Color your world”.