Chrysanthemum Popov



Chrysanthemum Popov

Chrysant Popov Cut Flower on Thursd

Chrysanthemum Popov


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Popov is a double-flowered spray chrysanthemum with a beautiful deep red flower color and a sturdy branch. The transportability and performance in the vase of this beautiful red eye-catcher are excellent and more than worth mentioning.

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Breeding and Distribution

Floritec is a Dutch company specialized in breeding and distribution of varieties of cut flower chrysanthemums and pot plants. Our breeding offers a complete and wide range of chrysanthemum varieties in spray, santini, pot mums and garden mums. Also, we have our own breeding in pot celosia and pot aster.

A Worldwide Network

Floritec’s head office is located in Woubrugge in the Netherlands. We organize our sales through a worldwide network of dedicated business relations and strategic partnerships including grower panels. We are constantly active to create new innovative varieties with good added value to growers, the trade, and the final consumer.


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