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Alstroemeria Samurai


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Did you know that Alstroemeria flowers are some of the longest-lasting flowers in any mixed bouquet? Beautifully spotted and marked perennials, Alstroemeria are beautiful lilies with deep, thick roots. They grow up to three-feet-tall on strong, branched stems. Each trumpet-shaped flower is near an inch or two in diameter. The flowers come in stunning shades of pink, rose, purple, and many more, and can be spotted or even streaked with contrasting colors.

These pretty petals look great on their own or as a filler flower for other arrangements. These frilly blossoms are a perfect gift to express devotion and friendship.

Alstroemeria Samurai is an elegant, pure red flower and has many blooms per stem. The blooms are large and the stems are thick and strong. Another important attribute is a very good performance in vase life tests.

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