Chrysal Compostable Sachet

Chrysal Compostable Sachet

Chrysal Compostable Sachet

Chrysal Compostable Sachet

Chrysal Compostable sachet is our well-known flower food in a 100% industrial compostable packaging. The wellbeing of the environment is becoming ever more important.

At Chrysal we are constantly looking for ways to contribute to a better environment. This is why, after extensive tests with multiple materials, we are happy to introduce a compostable flower food sachet. The sachet is produced from 100% industrial compostable film made from 2 organic layers. This means the sachet can be thrown away together with your garden and organic waste.

The sachet is fully industrial compostable in 12 weeks’ time; just as quick as a banana or orange peel. Our flower food keeps flowers more beautiful up to 60% longer. The Chrysal Compostable sachet comes in a modern design, in line with our new branded flower food packs.

Watch this 1-minute care tips video about the compostable sachet.

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Nurturing Beauty

Chrysal is a main driving force in the flower and plant industry and worldwide market leader in flower care.

Whether you grow, transport, sell, or simply enjoy the beauty of cut flowers and potted plants in your own home, Chrysal has products to keep them looking fresh for longer. Through more than 90 years of experience and innovation, a commitment to quality, and an on-going search for sustainable solutions, we aim to meet our customers’ needs – today ánd tomorrow. The result? Flowers and plants that last longer, happy customers, and, in the end, a more beautiful world.

Watch this 3-minute video about Chrysal’s sustainable sachets.


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