Who is Going to Adopt the ‘Scorched Earth’ Theme?

A shout-out to the flower industry to embrace the floral trend color and its meaning

written by: Wouter Jongkind | 29-12-2020

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With the revelation of the Thursd floral trend color of the year 2021, ‘Scorched Earth’, I think the flower industry has found, not only a great color but also found a way to spread a serious message.

‘Scorched Earth’ Floral Trend Color of the Year 2021

The main topic with the color ‘Scorched Earth’ is climate change and the urgent message that comes with that! Next to that, the color matches color trends, like dried the flower you see everywhere nowadays. Also, the color represents positivity and warmth towards 2021. A thing we all need in such a turbulent year with many uncertainties.


Who is Going to Adopt the Scorched Earth Theme - quote wouter jongkind blog on thursd


The Marketing Aspect of the Color ‘Scorched Earth’

The marketing aspect of the color ‘scorched earth’ could be very big. For me, as a breeder, it is a color that is usable year-round. Every seasonal and year-round product can be linked to this color. That’s why I ask myself the question; which product (group) will adopt this color?


Estúdio Seiva - scorched earth inspired photo - hanging sunflowers - on thursd



Avocado and Coffee

If we look a little bit further than floriculture and have look outside our industry, we see many examples of how the sustainability theme can be linked to marketing expressions. I am inspired by The Avocado Show for example. A great example of the usability of the Avocado, but then different. The coffee industry is also a good example of this. Sustainability is a very important topic in these two sectors; we can all think of examples of it.


The Avocado Show - Wouter Jongkind on Thursd


Avocado is the Ingredient

Looking at the flower industry, there are a few things that I see. When I scroll through the homepage of Thursd I see designs with mostly mixed bouquets. There aren’t that many mono-bouquets. And that is exactly the same as in the Avocado show. A dish is never the same, but if you concentrate on one outstanding product, taste, or ingredient you can make a brand like the avocado show. Focus on one outstanding ingredient! As a focal or signature flower as one of the most important ingredients for example.



Coffee and Sustainability

We all know, that if your work in the flower industry, you must drink a lot of coffee. Flower markets and coffee are mostly combined! Waking up early means taking in lots of coffee. The sustainable issues in the coffee industry are very well known. Think about the way coffee beans are grown and produced in the tropics. How the farmers are treated, in poorer regions of South-America, Africa, and Asia. The sustainability story to tell is so important and we see that almost every coffee-company has one. They all have the same goal! We also share a common goal in global sustainability initiatives.


Sustainable Coffee - Wouter Jongkind on Thursd


More than Just a Color

So, if I see it right, the ‘Scorched Earth’ color is so much more than a color. You can bring all topics together and talk about sustainability with the whole flower world as one. We all have one goal in this! Next to that, I see possibilities to build brands with flowers. Not only B2B but especially B2C. So literally for everybody; reveal the ‘Scorched Earth’.

I hope to see many references in our industry to this theme in the coming year.


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Wouter Jongkind

Born and grown up between flowers. Love to see new business and innovation in the flower industry. Currently discovering whole (Eastern) Europe as a Market Manager at Royal Van Zanten.

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