What Do Three French Top Artists Make of Rose Dolomiti?

A nice surprise

written by: Mikala Forcellini | 04-11-2020

What Do Three French Top Artists Make of Rose Dolomiti

Three French Floral Colleagues

I was given the opportunity to work with the rose Dolomiti from Marjoland. They were sent to me in a box and I divided them among my floral colleagues Cat Devaud, Benoit Cante, and – of course – myself. Here is what we thought of the Dolomiti rose.


What Do Three French Top Artists Make of Rose Dolomiti


Benoit Cante on Dolomiti

Benoit Cante is decorated as the best French Floral Worker in France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France Fleuriste).


“Dolomiti is a very beautiful rose, pleasant to work with”



Cat Devaud on Dolomiti

Cat Devaud, freelance floral artist:

“What a nice surprise this Dolomiti rose! When daylight varies, it changes from white to ivory with a powdery heart of pink. Then finally we see it cream. I appreciated the firmness of its button as much as its fragility.”



Mikala Forcellini on Dolomiti

Mikala Forcellini:

“I love the waffle side of the petals when the button is tight. When opening, they barely relax to become nicely hemmed. The rose remains firm for a relatively long time and its color evolves over the days, leaving the gaze curious with each new morning.”



More from Mikala

I hope you like our floral pieces. For my part, I have opted for different compositions.





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