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written by: Thursd. | 27-01-2020

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First, let us tell you a little bit about Thursd.

Thursd is the place to share stories in floriculture and to read them. With an unprecedented international audience, great content and interesting stories are created like never before. Videos, pictures, stories, news and lists about everything there is to find out in the world of flowers and plants and related products. Thursd showcases your products, portfolio, shop and/or company and connects them in a transparent way. We show every connection between the product, the grower, breeder, trader etc. That’s how Thursd is the most complete source for all floral stories.

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THURSD. is the online floral meetup spot where international professionals in floriculture connect and expand the online conversation.

Thursd gives an independent insight into the total floriculture supply chain and showcases content related to beautiful products, services, and businesses.

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