This Is My Covid-19 Crisis Story

There is hope. Even in this crisis

written by: Alina Neacsa | 01-04-2020

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My Covid-19 Crisis

Guess what? I am fine! During the Covid-19 crisis, I found a way to turn the bad things into good things.

First thing I did, was to create a petition for florists. I’ve send it to Romanian authorities. Then, I started calling and making video interviews with some people I knew in The Netherlands. About what it means, this Covid-19 crisis, for the industry and everyone involved.

A support group

Out of things I’ve heard, I thought it was a good idea to create a support group. For florists and growers. Now we are almost at already 1000 members! You can visit the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/254795155515017/

The main problem right now with the Covid-19 crisis in Romania, is that we don’t have access to flowers. But we do have many Romanian growers, so I start to look for them and focus on them. I did some videos, but most impact I made with giving flowers. I gave free flowers to people to make their isolation more comfortable and to create an awareness about the benefits of the flowers.

Benefits of flowers

We all know that flowers have a really good impact on people: flowers reduce stress, having flowers at home lowers the heart rate, improves your mood, improves memory, improves sleep, purifies the air. Flowers energize people, but in the time of crisis when everybody buys toilet paper….it’s a little bit hard to convince them to buy flowers, right?

Well…not quite….Not if you tell the right story and you give people the right reasons to spend some money on these beauties.

My covid-19 story

I will share my own story: I celebrated my birthday on April 1st. No, it’s not a joke.  I had this crazy idea: I posted on my social media a message asking all my friends an everybody who sees my posts to give me a present. They had to buy flowers from my website either for themselves of for their loved ones. I also asked them to help us and to post on their own social media a picture with the flowers and to use a hashtag #wesupportromanianflorists.

It worked!!!!! I received so many orders….I was just impressed of how many people responded to my call. And when other people saw their post, they ordered too!

….so…there is hope. Even in this Covid-19 crisis.

Flowers are a big part of my life and I will do anything in my power to keep my business and my dream alive.

I will be back on Thursd with more good news, but until then,

A warm hug from Alina Perfumella


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