The Relationship between Core and Surface

I try to capture the beauty, the pure and elegant feeling, in this design

written by: Oana Penciu | 16-10-2020


Spring passes
and the birds cry out-
tears in the eyes of fishes

– Matsuo Basho

Insight in This Design

I want to show you how the design is build up. Enjoy the pictures.

Oana Penciu Is My Name

Who am I? I’m a Romanian florist and I enjoy playing with my imagination, trying to take out a piece of my inner world for other people to see, feel, and enjoy. I have my own flower shop since 2012. From that time, I have realized that I’m not going to quit this job. And the story continues…


Design Japanese Garden Haiku in bloom by Oana Perciu - Blog on Thursd (1)


My Challenge

I found out while working with flowers that only the sky is the limit for creating beauty. The eye is the receptor of senses, in this case. So, to see design as beautiful, you definitely need as the main ingredient passion and letting go of fears of not succeeding.

My challenge is, in this case, to combine one beautiful haiku poem with a floral design. To understand the deepness of the Japanese culture is not an easy task. First of all, I needed to perceive the meaning of the poem and then to translate it in my way. I saw the relationship between core and surface, I saw the time passing through the voice of nature, I saw the need to fully experience the present, I felt myself sadness because nothing last forever. Then, a delicate, yet strong picture came out of my head. This is my result, I’m very happy with it.


Chrysanthemums in Japanese Garden Hasselt for Haiku In Bloom chrysant - Oana Penciu Blog on Thursd


Chrysanthemums in Japanese Garden Hasselt for Haiku In Bloom chrysant - Oana Penciu Blog on Thursd (2)

Oana Penciu

Oana Penciu is a designer from Bucharest and a flower shop owner. She started her journey in floristry in 2010. In 2012 she finished the Master Course at Boerma Instituut in Aalsmeer and opened a flower shop in Bucharest. She knew right away that this is her path: creating beauty, expressing emotions through flowers. At the beginning of 2020 she went to Tom de Houwer's Masterclass in Mechelen, and there she got a great boost of inspiration amongst wonderful passionate florists. She knew once more it's a limitless experience.

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