The Power of Color

A colorful yet dramatic color palette for a dramatic theme

written by: Cindy Gunther | 25-11-2020

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Fall Colors

Scorched Earth, what a dramatic name for a color. But at the same time, this golden yellow color blesses me with many ideas. The colors of autumn, those warm and vibrant colors that set the landscape ablaze, evoke heat, fire, light, and sun.

Enjoy my designs in the Scorched Earth color palette:

Flowers Bringing Joy

Deep reds, intense oranges, and sunny yellows bring joy and mirth when the weather turns to rain.

There is nothing more cheerful to invigorate our life than a decoration or a bouquet that warms the heart.


Cindy Gunther - Scorched Earth - Article on Thursd (3)
Fotocredit: Izabela Sawicka


When the first frost arrives, it is fruits in the colors of the sun, bursting with vitamin C that we are advised to take in. The beneficial effects of warm colors on our minds can no longer be counted.



Colors represent a good mood, the joy of living, and optimism. They enlighten the minds and stimulate the logic of the brain. Colors full of energy are often linked to exoticism and are synonymous with a dynamism that spurs creativity.


Cindy Gunther - Scorched Earth - Blog on Thursd (3)


Cindy Gunther - Scorched Earth - Article on Thursd (4)

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