The 5 Biggest Evolutions of Flowers

The evolution of flowers

written by: Wouter Jongkind | 19-05-2020

Wouter Jongkind 5 Biggest Evolutions

It’s hard work for new varieties. Breeders and growers are searching every day for the next big thing: new types of flowers and new species. Upcoming trends, sustainability, and production are important aspects of novelties. It is not an easy job when you imagine that it can take up to 10 years before a new variety is introduced on the market! So, what are the 5 biggest floral evolutions that I’ve seen in the past years?

1. Roselily

With the new roselily you have the beauty of the lily but without the smell and the polls. They are already a few years in the market and now developing the market for this lily develops quickly. During the past years, we have seen lots of new colors becoming available. Examples: roselily Carolina and roselily Natalia.

2. Garden Rose

Roses are worldwide the most grown, loved and seen flower. In the past years, they have developed a lot as well. The ‘normal’ red rose has competition from new garden roses and green eye roses. Especially garden roses are beloved by many florists. Examples: rose Green Island Poppy and rose Green Eye.

3. Florinca

The Alstroemeria has a new brother since the last few years. The florinca, with well-known varieties of Charmelia, develops quickly. The spray Alstroemeria has a natural look and is already available in more than six colours. Examples: alstroemeria Charmelia Pink and alstroemeria florinca Mojito.

4. Dried Statice

Dried flowers are trending. The natural look and the sustainable aspect of dried flowers are very popular. Statice is a nice example of a flower that is very suitable for a second life as a dried flower. Try it at home! Examples: Statice Silvery Sun Birds and statice Super Purple.

5. Lisianthus Dizzy Lizzy

The Lisianthus is already an example of a product that increases very fast. Amounts are doubled over the past years. But also new varieties are introduced. One of my favorites is Lisianthus Dizzy Lizzy. Natural feeling and incredible to work with!

What Kind of Product is Next?

Products are developing faster than you think. Trends like nature, sustainability, and resistance for diseases are very important. What will be the next step for the big products? What about the new chrysanthemum? What about the new dianthus? Curious about certain products? Visit breeders or keep an eye on them on social media!


Wouter Jongkind

Born and grown up between flowers. Love to see new business and innovation in the flower industry. Currently discovering whole (Eastern) Europe as a Market Manager at Royal Van Zanten.

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