Soft Feeling

Soft materials and “nude shades” to enhance the serenity of the rose

written by: Helicon | 09-12-2020

Soft Feeling by Sanne Westerhof of Helicon

My name is Sanne Westerhof and I am 18 years old. I follow the course Expert in Flower, Green, and Styling, at Helicon Opleidingen in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. This school year I will graduate and hope to get my level 4 diploma. In addition to my studies, I enjoy working for a florist in Eindhoven.


Soft Feeling by Sanne Westerhof of Helicon


I am not quite sure what my goal is after my education. I may continue to study and focus on dressing up weddings and events. Unfortunately, my internship in Italy could not take place. Over there, I was going to dress up Tuscan weddings in Florence. This still seems fantastic to me.


Soft Feeling by Sanne Westerhof of Helicon


Like Fresh Fallen Snow

We had the opportunity to work with the new rose Snowstorm+ from Dümmen Orange. The rose evoked thoughts in me. The bud of the rose is serene, sleek, and elegant. The color is white like freshly fallen snow. When the bud opens, you see a beautiful full flower that reminds me of a cloud of snow in a stormy winter shower.

Soft Materials

I had to think about what I wanted to make when this opportunity came along. Once an idea has arisen for me, I really enjoy working out the idea to perfection. I like to work with a lot of detail.

In this design, I depict a cloud. I wanted to show a soft and airy whole, in which the rose really comes into its own. That’s why I used soft materials and “nude shades” to enhance the serenity of the rose.


Soft Feeling by Sanne Westerhof of Helicon


The Shape of Clouds

The beautiful white rose, which is what it’s all about, I have enhanced with the following flowers. Clematis because of the fluffy buds. Cortaderia selloana, a real trend at the moment, provides volume. The shape of the hydrangea paniculata emphasizes the shape of clouds. Lunaria annua, also called Judas Medal, creates a playful effect and can be seen as falling snowflakes. The fluff from the dead typha, which grows on the side of the ditch, gives the total arrangement a cuddly appearance.

I also see this arrangement as an attractive decoration for a wedding.


Soft Feeling by Sanne Westerhof of Helicon


Sanne Westerhof
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