Seasonal products, all year long

Have some patience and the growers and florist will give you the best quality seasonal flowers

written by: Wouter Jongkind | 13-11-2019

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Like in a growersfamily my grandfather and his father were already growers starting around the 1900’s. They grew the whole year different flowers because of the weather conditions. They made every year a schedule of the crops. What crop they were growing in what season. Carnations, Roses, Syringa and Chrysanthemum and much more flowers were grown in separate seasons. Why? Because it was the right season!

Consumer report by RFH

As in a consumers report written by Royal Flora Holland, younger people buy more flowers. The precentage of growth in the past 5 years is 6%. Especially in the range of 18 and 29 years old there is a big change the last years (+4%). What kind of flowers do they prefere and where do they buy there flowers? Seasonal flowers and they love to buy they’re flowers at Florists (42%).

What do younger people like?

The most wonderful thing about this research is, that younger people like the natural bouquets, especially with seasonal flowers. What is happening with populair flowers the last years? If it is a season flower we must have it all year, also when it is not possible. Take for example Paeonia. Till 5 years ago it was not possible to have Paeonia outside the Paeonia season. Now we grow it in Alaska, Israel, New Zealand and Holland and ship it to Holland. Just to have it yearround as a ‘seasonal flower’.

Seasonal flower, yearround?

If the younger people really like natural bouquets, and if they want a sustainable bouquet with good seasonal products i would like to say one thing. Have some patience and the growers and florist will give you the best quality seasonal flowers. And admit, if you have to wait for something, what is worth waiting for, you enjoy it more. Just like my grandfather used to grow his flowers!

Wouter Jongkind

Born and grown up between flowers. Love to see new business and innovation in the flower industry. Currently discovering whole (Eastern) Europe as a Market Manager at Royal Van Zanten.

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