Rock Poetry

“Chrysanthemums are ideal flowers to work with”

written by: Sarah Willemart | 20-11-2020

Rock Poetry by Sarah Willemart

My Pina Colada Poem

I appreciate chrysanthemums a lot. The photos I took with chrysanthemum Pina Colada are made in a rock poetry thematic. My idea of this shooting is to continue to make people dream with my work, during this confinement, even if there was no event or parade, time does not stop.



Very Resistant

You can say that these chrysanthemums are very resistant. And that they hold to the floral glue for about five days. This makes it the ideal flower to work with, for example, if you work in advance for parades.

Highlight the Contrast

For this Rock-Poetry theme, I wanted to highlight the contrast of a classical dancer but this time with tattoos, from this very rock and roll angle. Therefore, also the contrast between poetry and rock and roll. It’s a way of interpreting the clair-obscure, or chiaroscuro – which is the use of strong contrasts between light and dark.


Rock Poetry by Sarah Willemart


Let the People Dream

I like to be different and I love to work with real people, with the objective to let the people dream and activate their imagination. I often work with tattooed models and with this as a basis I create my art. This creation of chrysanthemums is in line with my work of the fusion of the tattoo and the flower, of body art and floral aesthetic. Creations and fusion of arts that I illustrated in my book Inked and Blossom that was released in 2007.

Pina Colada

In this rock poetry arrangement, I used the Pina Colada chrysanthemum white and cream by Fred van Paassen and the Yellow Pina Colada variety by Zentoo.


Photopgrapher: Théodora Sabath
Model: Candice Valentine Lenne
Floral design: Sarah Willemart

Sarah Willemart

Daughter of a Florist and a Psychoanalyst, I grew up in the world of plants and analysis. Living in the countryside, nature was all around me.

After passing my BAC in Agronomy and Environment, and studying florist, I continued my studies and obtained my interior decorator diploma.

I understood that I wanted to do something that looked like me, something different. The idea then arose, a fusion between the tattoo and the flower. I released my book "Inked & Blossom" that came out in June 2017.

My inspirations come from everywhere, from other trades, films, books, and my imagination. We have to use everything around us. And my passions are numerous! First of all, I will say "life", then, of course, nature, the flower. I like walks in the forest, discovering all that nature can offer, the graphics it builds fascinate me.

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