Relax with the Ikebana Master

Spectacular ikebana design with Rose Momentum+®

written by: Cinefleur | 14-10-2020

Relax with the Ikebana Master

Ikebana with Rose Momentum+®

To talk about how this beautiful rose can be incorporated in a little piece of Japan, we went to Restaurant Zenkichi to speak to Motoko, the owner. They aim to bring typical Japanese culture and gastronomy to Berlin and flowers are important in their interior design. They chose to work with the Momentum+® in their floral table pieces and the result is absolutely stunning!




Sleek Lines and Vivid Colors

The Momentum+® has a deeper shade of yellow than you have ever seen before. Vibrant with deep green stems, making for a spectacular result in floral design.


Relax with the Ikebana Master


A Match Made in Heaven

In Zenkichi’s interior design they are looking for sleek lines and vivid colors. The Momentum+® has all that, and more! When Chiori, the ikebana master at Zenkichi, first saw the Momentum+®, her first reaction was: I really love that color! The art of ikebana and the Momentum+® are a match made in heaven!


Relax with the Ikebana Master
Watch the video Cinefleur Berlin – Momentum+® Pure Yellow


Images courtesy of Cinefleur


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