Peter’s Weekly Menu 2020 – week 37

See what’s hot this week at Flora Holland Aalsmeer

written by: Peter van Delft | 09-09-2020

Peter van Delft Spring on Thursd. - Header

Check out all the products seen by me, Peter van Delft, on the Aalsmeer market in the Netherlands, the world’s largest display of flowers and plants.

Every day I look around at trader Barendsen Flowers at the Royal Flora Holland Aalsmeer, the world’s largest flower auction. With an auction of around 34,5 million flowers and plants a day, I like to spot novelties and special products that are new and/or just coming in production.

This week, number 37, the holiday season is finally over, time for a new start! I have some fall inspired flowers for you. Warm colors everywhere! 


Peter van Delft weekly Menu 37 - Hydrangea Magical Revolution Classic blue - On Thursd.

We start with the beautiful Hydrangea Magical Revolution Classic blue from grower ‘Gommers Hortensia’.



Peter van Delft weekly Menu 37 - Echinacea White Swan - On Thursd.

Echinacea White swan is also awesome. That size! These come from ‘Kwekerij de oude toren’ in warmond, The Netherlands.



Peter van Delft weekly Menu 37 - Eryngium Discovery - On Thursd.

Eryngium Discovery in 70 cm!



Peter van Delft weekly Menu 37 - Leonotis Leonorus - On Thursd.

Leonotis Leonorus from grower Klepper from Ouddorp.



Peter van Delft weekly Menu 37 - Isas Favourite - On Thursd.

Dahlias! This one is called Isas Favourite. From grower Vleut.



Peter van Delft weekly Menu 37 - Chrysanthemum Bigoudi Purple- On Thursd.

Chrysanthemum Bigoudi Purple from van Ooijen.



Peter van Delft weekly Menu 37 - Phlox Blind Lion - On Thursd.
Phlox Blind Lion, very attractive as filler? Think so! From Van Leeuwen Bloemen.



Peter van Delft weekly Menu 37 - Celosia Cristata Pink delight- On Thursd.

Celosia Cristata Pink Delight. D-licious! From van den Beukel.



Peter van Delft weekly Menu 37 - Rosa Gelato

And Spray Roses! Gelato! think I am going to get me an Ice cream now! (From Voorn roses.)

That’s all folks for this week.

All the best, Peter.

Peter van Delft

I am always on the lookout for new flowers, specialties, novelties, and products coming into the season. Working for Dutch wholesaler Barendsen Flowers enables me to see the prettiest flowers in the world, and I can say I really love it!

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