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written by: Peter van Rijssen | 13-06-2020

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Check out what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s special in my world of outdoor plants.

What’s the news in my life of licensing plants? That’s what I would like to show you on Thursd.

I am Peter van Rijssen and in touch with many plant breeders for the companies Concept plants and Plantipp. I show you on Thursd about my world. We always try to look for and work with, really special new selections. We only license new varieties that really offer something new, and really are an enrichment for the assortment of outdoor plants.

Enjoy my first blog on Thursd.

In my First blog I’d like to give you an oversight of what we saw the last couple of weeks, and of which I think is of great interest for flower- and plant lovers allover the world.

We start with Agapanthus Poppin’ Purple
Agapanthus Poppin’ Purple is a novelty for 2020

Agapanthus Poppin’ Purple has amazing purple flowers and a high flower count. Poppin’ Purple has a long flowering period with good rebloom so you can enjoy the intense, burgundy flowers for a long time. This Agapanthus grows faster than other varieties. It grows about 60 cm tall and 45 cm wide. 

Developed by: De Wet Plant Breeders (South Africa)
Managing & promoting: Plantipp (NL)
Pictures: Visions Pictures & Photography (NL)

Interesting Rock Garden Plants

Below you find an exciting presentation of Chick Charms with Sunsparklers by Chris Hansen.


They look great for 12 months of the year and easily survive harsh winters in these pots!

Corona hair Contest

I also did a funny thing, made a YouTube video with my new buddies. You can do so many cool things with the EverColor grasses. Kids are loving to make different styles of hairs and this is a cool way how you can do it! EverColor Hair Contest included: Sir Everillo, Miss Everest, Everlime Twins or Mini Eversheen. What is your favorite styled EverColor hair?

Easy Evergreens

In 2021 we are going to introduce the Garden Clouds® Evergreens.

These are the colorful easy evergreens which are suitable for every garden. Garden Clouds® are proudly bred by Guido Rouwette who has several varieties succesfully introduced.

Garden Clouds will come in three colors:

Garden Cloud® 💜Purple Storm💜
Garden Cloud® 💚Green Breeze💚
Garden Cloud® 🧡Copper Glow🧡

These are perfect for any soil types. Can be shaped in any form and more important! They are forgivable plants.
When you prune wrong? You just let it grow again and prune again. Exciting future ahead!


Last day was a full day of fun & excitement! We made lots of short product pitches of the future with sneak previews!

Flower Trials

You might have heard of the Flower Trials week. Due to the Covid situation, unfortunately this amazing week in which all breeders showcase their products, is not going onwards. Because also we are not able to do the Flower Trials this week, we bring the digital flower trials to you! We made lots of short product pitches of the future plants and will give you sneak previews soon,

So, Stay tuned, because it is a lot of editing for me, but it’s worth to wait a few weeks to come into my world of Innovation by Plantipp and Concept Plants. I’m super proud of all the support that our breeders are giving.

See ya!

Peter van Rijssen

Sharing the love of new plants. Peter from Plantipp represent breeders with new plants for world wide market.

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